The market is moving. Are you?

Whether you are a private or institutional investor, you might find yourself making decisions on a regular basis that fall just outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s lack of in-depth knowledge of a micro location or lack of time to do sufficient homework, we understand that even the best real estate minds need support to get the job done.

Separate from traditional sales or leasing assignments, Citrine offers ongoing and/or issue-specific counsel to clients looking for support in managing their portfolio or supplementing their market knowledge.

While we are small and nimble, we are staffed more like a mid-sized firm, offering a wide range of capabilities in-house. As such, we are well-equipped to support clients in the following areas:

  • Valuation
  • Buy-Sell-Hold decisions
  • 1031 investment strategy

We have also have direct experience in or have been engaged by clients on more specific assignments, such as:

  • Historic rehabilitation
  • Tax credit syndication
  • Sale of Transfer Development Rights (TDRs)
  • Navigating rent control
  • Creating retail as an amenity in large scale developments